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Jointly responsible for sustainability

Röchling Board Sustainability

There must be those responsible who actively implement sustainability measures, contribute ideas and evaluate our activities. To this end, we founded the Group-wide Röchling Board Sustainability. Under the leadership of Franz Lübbers, CEO of Röchling Industrial and member of the Executive Board of the Röchling Group, the Röchling Board Sustainability systematically deals with the most important issues relating to sustainability and prepares strategic decisions. It sits directly below the Group Executive Board to ensure lean decision-making processes.

Sustainability experts from the three corporate divisions are part of our Röchling Sustainability Board. Specialists on topics such as energy and compliance, as well as managing directors of our three corporate divisions, also take part in the regular meetings.

Know-how of all employees required

However, sustainability must not only be the task of the Röchling Board Sustainability, but must be actively lived as a common task of our entire company. As a family business, we want to be successful and sustainable – to serve future generations. This requires the know-how of all departments and the commitment of all employees.

"As a family business, we want to make our contribution to a sustainable future, continuously reduce our own ecological footprint and assume social responsibility. In the plastics industry in particular, sustainability will be one of the decisive factors for future corporate success. Sustainability remains a mega topic that will offer us many more opportunities!”

Franz Lübbers, CEO Röchling Industrial and responsible for the Röchling Board Sustainability


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