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Being Part of the Solution

For us, plastic is a valuable material that has the potential to be part of the solution. Whether it's efficient product design, energy efficiency, or logistics process optimizing, Röchling Medical's approaches to sustainability are diverse. It is important to us that we think outside the box and move in the right direction in everything we do, whether with large steps or many small ones.

Sustainability at Röchling Medical: Responsible material selection

Responsible Material Choices 

Our customers are pioneers in the field of disease prevention and health restoration. Therefore, the products we manufacture and the services we provide are held to exceptionally high regulatory standards. Meeting these standards is our top priority. With regard to the use of sustainable materials such as biopolymers, we face different challenges and constraints than other industries. Particularly in the case of pharmaceutical primary packaging materials that come into direct contact with active pharmaceutical ingredients, or medical technology products where biocompatibility is of crucial importance.

Sustainability at Röchling Medical: ISCC Plus Certification

ISCC PLUS Certification

Within the highly regulated medical industry, we see the mass balancing approach as an opportunity to contribute to reducing the use of fossil resources. With our ISCC PLUS certifications of all German Röchling Medical sites, we are able to offer our customers bio-based (-circular) options for primary packaging and medical devices. For more information please visit our page about ISCC PLUS-Certified Bioplastics.

Sustainability at Röchling Medical: Energy-efficient production

Energy-Efficient Production

We see a great opportunity in focusing on how we can produce even more responsibly and ecologically: In addition to the ISO-certified energy management and environmental standards already in place at our sites, that includes investing in modern production facilities and innovative building management to save energy resources and reduce CO2 emissions in the long term.

Sustainability at Röchling Medical: Design for sustainability

Design for Sustainability

In product development, we also focus on saving raw materials and supporting the circular economy. Sustainability considerations are an integral part of our product development process. By applying various Design for Sustainability (DfS) principles, sustainability can be incorporated into the product from the very beginning. This enables us to design products in such a way that their environmental impact is reduced during their life cycle by conserving natural resources and continuously reducing the ecological footprint.

Sustainability at Röchling Medical: Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Ensuring a safe working environment for our employees is very important to us. With our ISO45001 certification we have made a commitment to continuously improve in occupational health and safety and hold ourselves accountable for it.

Sustainability at Röchling Medical: Holistic approach

Holistic Approach

Sustainability is multifaceted and we aim to take a holistic approach. We divide our focus topics into the three fields of action Products, People, Planet. Learn more in the Sustainability Report of the Röchling Group.

Design for Sustainability

Learn more about how 50 tons of CO2-equivalent could be saved by applying design for sustainability principles to a conventional single use trocar 

Röchling Sustainability Report

Our Strategic Focus Topics

Transparency & Commitment

We use the EcoVadis rating to make our activities with regard to social responsibility and sustainability transparent for our customers and partners. Since the beginning of 2024, all German Röchling Medical locations have been EcoVadis-certified, as well as one of the two US locations. With a focus on the areas of environment, labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement, we regularly review our performance and potential for improvement.

Röchling Medical sites have Ecovadis silver rating

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