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Frunks and Trunks

More, thanks to less

A big advantage of electric vehicles is that they offer more storage space. One reason for this is that electric motors are smaller than classic combustion engines. On the other hand, certain components such as manual transmissions are no longer needed at all.


New possibilities

This additional space can be used creatively for such things like tubs made of high-performance plastic. These multi-functional tubs find space in the front of the vehicle, acting much like a front trunk, aptly named the "frunk".  


Storage space with a plus

Our ideas go far beyond mere storage space. For special applications, the tubs can be integrated with various components: Seals, water drainage, spare wheel components, electronic and electromagnetic shielding, cable or fluid management and much more. 


Light, stable and individualized 

To ensure that the new components do not add unnecessary weight, our tape technology is used. We support / reinforce our plastics locally with glass and carbon fibers. This is also particularly cost-efficient: Compared to metal components, our solutions are on average 30 percent lighter and cheaper. Combined with our "One-Shot" design, this creates the basis for new storage spaces - highly individualized, resistant, with flexible variants and optimally sealed. 

The most important highlights

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