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History of Röchling High Peak

Sept 1979

Fibracon Twin Ltd was founded by Dr. Keith Bromley and specialised in moulding and machining PTFE for the laboratory industry – PTFE covered magnets, stirrers and flexible PTFE connectors for industrial glassware. 

Throughout the 1980’s 

Fibracon Twin continued to diversify into other markets, significantly sealing and gasketing  applications driven by a strong culture of customer service.


Fibracon Twin Ltd. was acquired by private investors and started to diversify into new materials and capabililties, machining an ever increasing range of high performance polymers.


The owners of Fibracon Twin Ltd. acquired Insoll Components Ltd., a world leading polymer micro-machining specialist producing PTFE insulators for the electronics and telecommunications market.

Early 2000’s

Investment in people and plant led to our reputation for the highest levels of quality and technical ability whilst retaining traditional values of customer service.

Dec 2014 

Röchling Engineering Plastics (UK) Ltd acquired Fibracon Twin Ltd. and Insoll Components Ltd, with Fibracon becoming Röchling Fibracon Ltd..  This added Fibracon® PTFE material to the Röchling portfolio and also substantially expanded Röchling’s CNC machining of high-performance plastics in the UK.


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