Trafoboard® HD-PH - fasteners

Fasteners made from laminated pressboard with phenolic resin bonding for oil-filled transformers

For the construction of oil-filled transformers we offer you Trafoboard® HD-PH fasteners made from laminated pressboard with phenolic resin bonding. With this transformer engineers are given an alternative to the conventional fasteners made from laminated pressboard with polyester resin or casein bonding.

The unique phenolic resin bonding of Trafoboard® HD-PH offers

  • highest electrical properties
  • and contributes to the increased operational reliability of oil-filled transformers.

Properties - Trafoboard® HD-PH - fasteners

High strength even at high application temperatures: Compared to conventional fasteners made of laminated pressboard, Trafoboard® HD-PH has very high mechanical strength even at high application temperatures of 90 °C. 

High-precision fit: The low shrinkage behaviour of the fasteners and nuts made from Trafoboard® HD-PH ensures a high-precision fit. This facilitates the construction and dimensioning of transformers with more accurate tolerances.

Low shrinkage behaviour and high homogeneous strength: The low moisture content and very good drying behaviour during kerosene drying offer a low shrinkage behaviour and thus a very high homogeneous strength. Thus, Trafoboard® reduces the risk of cracking and delamination.

No styrene: No styrene is released when machining. This ensures no unpleasant smells for employees and contributes to work safety.

Delivery programme

  • Dimensions M8 to M24
  • Moisture-free, appropriate packaging: Trafoboard® HD-PH fasteners are supplied in small, appropriate moisture-tight packaging units. Due to the material, laminated pressboard absorbs moisture quickly and is inclined to swell. With the special packaging, the fasteners are reliably protected against moisture and remain dimensionally stable.

Material - Trafoboard® HD-PH

Trafoboard® HD-PH consists of highly densified pressboard layers made of pure cellulose according to IEC 60641, which are bonded permanently by means of phenolic glue according to IEC 60763 type LB 3.1A.2. The material combines very good mechanical and electrical properties and is characterised by a very low moisture content and very good drying behaviour. Röchling worked closely with the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück on its development.

Construction elements for transformers

Fasteners made of Trafoboard® HD-PH are part of our comprehensive range of materials and high performance construction and insulation products for transfomers. More information about our offer for transformers.