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Start your journey

Get on board for the joint journey into the future

As with previous K Fairs, we have come up with an unusual concept for the Röchling stand at K 2019. We thought about how we can impressively visualise the developments we are currently working on at Röchling. We had the idea of a station, from which we want to start our journey into the future with you. With the motto “Start your journey”, we would like to begin this journey in close cooperation with you.

Röchling Industrial on the K 2019 – Visit us in Hall 8a / J12

If you enter our exhibition stand from the front, you will find yourself in a railway station in a late 19th century style. Plastics hadn‘t been invented yet. The invention of the steam engine suddenly set industrial production in motion and made it possible for steam locomotives to reach distant destinations faster and to transport heavy loads quickly over land. When you walk past the exhibits on the stand, you are going on a journey through time. A smooth transition takes you into the modern age and to the futuristic Röchling train, in which we would like to travel with you into the future.

Discover new things

“Start your journey” is an invitation to set off into the future together with Röchling. Travel is first and foremost about the curiosity to discover new things. To set a destination that you want to reach and to develop ideas together on how to get there. Röchling Industrial has strategically repositioned itself for this purpose. The topics we would like to talk to you about are our innovative products, our new Industry Management and Corporate R&D as well as the question of how we can meaningfully use digital possibilities for cooperation. The exhibits on the stand are a cross-section of the most diverse industries. We present you with products from the food industry, vehicle construction, chemical tank and plant construction, the sports and leisure industry, mechanical engineering, conveyor technology and the electrical and electronics industry. Each exhibit is the result of a joint journey that a customer has embarked on with us and today helps to better master the challenges in the respective industry.

Parallel challenges to your own

Allow our experts explain the background to you and find challenges that are parallel to your own. We would like to take you on a journey with us; whether you are already on the train with us as a long-time customer, or you would like to get on board for the first time. “Start your journey” with Röchling.

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