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Outstanding seventh place at WorldSkills Germany for Carina Bühler

Top ranking testifies to high quality of training

Precision, dexterity and a whole lot of courage were required for the final of "WorldSkills Germany". For four days, trainees from all over Germany took up the challenge and worked on various tasks on the CNC machine. Carina Bühler, an apprentice from Röchling Industrial Laupheim, also took part in the CNC milling discipline. With success, as the 19-year-old took an excellent seventh place in the competition, which was held at the Chiron Group in Tuttlingen.

Great success: Carina Bühler (centre) and her two trainers Alexander Decker (left) and Maximilian Renz (right) are delighted with the great result (Photo: Chiron Group SE)
Finalists in the CNC milling discipline: 12 young talents put their skills to the test at the WorldSkills Germany final (Photo: Chiron Group SE)

Challenge accepted

"The final of the German Championships was fun, but also very challenging, especially due to the high time pressure and complex tasks," explains Carina Bühler. Each day, the finalists faced new challenges. "We had to create a 3D drawing for a component, programme the system and then mill the part." A total of 12 young talents took part in the final, for which the participants had to qualify in several preliminary rounds.


Outstanding achievements during her apprenticeship

The 19-year-old is currently in her fourth year of training at the Röchling Industrial site in Burgrieden. Carina Bühler had already attracted attention during her apprenticeship due to her excellent performance. "We are delighted that Ms Bühler has taken up the challenge and are proud of her excellent placement," emphasises Rudolf Karremann, Managing Director at the site. "Good training for our junior staff is of fundamental importance to us. That's why we support our trainees and provide them with experienced trainers who they can turn to at any time." The fact that Ms Bühler was awarded such a good ranking is testament to the high quality of training at the site.


Top opportunities for women in technical professions

Carina Bühler was the only woman to take part in the final. The profession of cutting machine operator is otherwise male-dominated. She knew she wanted to pursue a technical career when she was still at school. "It's important to me to do something with my hands," says the trainee. The fact that she works as a woman in a male-dominated profession doesn't bother her at all. "Women have excellent opportunities in industrial and technical professions. That's why we are committed to introducing girls to industrial-technical professions while they are still at school," explains Michael Haller, also Managing Director at the site. Carina Bühler's good placing in the final of the German championships shows that this commitment is paying off. And the 19-year-old has already qualified for next year's competition at European level.


About WorldSkills Germany

WorldSkills Germany is a network with the aim of opening up new ways for young people to turn their passion into a profession and become the best in their field. Young talents compete against each other in 40 disciplines, each of which can be categorised as a training occupation. In order to take part in the final in the respective discipline, the finalists must qualify in several preliminary rounds.


About Röchling Industrial Laupheim GmbH

Röchling Industrial Laupheim at the Burgrieden site specialises in the high-precision machining of

Röchling Industrial Laupheim specialises in the high-precision machining of thermoplastics. The company, which moved into a modern new building on the industrial estate in Burgrieden in 2022, uses pioneering technologies such as 3D printing and state-of-the-art CNC systems to manufacture finished parts that are used in the field of medical technology in particular. Around 170 employees currently work at the site.

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