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Freedom, nature and sunsets

Foamlite® on the road in a caravan

Whether it is a trip to the local lake, a round trip through one’s favourite country or a great overseas adventure, touring with a caravan is a very popular activity. A leading manufacturer of caravans has recently started using Foamlite® as a floor sheet in storage compartments. 

The road trip adventure has replaced the stuffy image of a campground with garden gnomes in the front garden and a picket fence. Holidays with the caravan are in and more popular than ever. There are many reasons for a holiday with a mobile home: According to camping magazines it is the freedom to travel almost anywhere in the world but also the connection with nature, the experience of watching the sunset by the sea in front of the caravan or the flexibility to make a day trip by car.

Safe transport with Foamlite®

Foamlite® has recently been installed in the caravans of a leading manufacturer. This material is used as a floor sheet in storage compartments. If you want to cook and have heat in your caravan during your holidays, you can transport gas cylinders inside the storage compartments.

Holidays with the caravan: Foamlite® is used in storage compartments accessible from the outside

“Foamlite® allows for a safe transport thanks to its high mechanical stability. The material protects the cargo during the journey against the impact of rocks from below, absorbs almost no moisture, does not rot and therefore has a long service life.”

Benjamin Jose, Product Manager Foamlite® at Röchling Industrial

A great advantage over the conventionally used wood or metal is also the scratch-resistant surface that comes with Foamlite® as a standard. The floor will therefore maintain a highquality appearance over a long period of time. The product can be machined using the same tools and processes as wood and metal. The processing steps do not need to be modified. Foamlite® with its foamed structure reduces the weight of the caravan which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. It is also easy to clean and well insulated. So now you can begin your caravan road trip adventure.

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