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Pool grating

Designed for safety & style at your swimming pool

Our high quality pool grating is made of Polystone® D (PE-HMW) and offered in bespoke dimensions, shapes and colours to harmonize with the design of your pool. Made of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (PE-HMW) it is safe, hygienic and durable.

Our Polystone® D pool gratings are:

Production range - pool gratings made of Polystone® D

  • Length: Metre lengths, others available on request
  • Width: From 125mm to 400mm
  • Thickness: From 10 to 40mm
  • Colours: blue, black, white or any RAL colour you specify
  • Corners 90° and 135°, other angles on request
  • Straight and curved grating available

Our pool grating locks together using male/female locators, making it strong and safe and preventing lifting and gapping.

Curved swimming pool grating
Curved pool grating made of Polystone® D

Design - pool grating:

Straight pool grating installed in Harbourne Pool, Birmingham, UK
Straight pool grating installed in Harbourne Pool, Birmingham, UK

We manufacture your pool gratings to your exact specification. By involving our manufacturing and quality teams directly in your project, you have access to their experience and knowledge to help identify the opportunities made possible by CNC machining of engineering plastics.  The end result is a safe, hygienic and durable bespoke product.


Proven quality: Our pool gratings have been used worldwide for over 25 years.

  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Rectangular pools
  • Free-form swimming pools
  • Jacuzzis
  • Pools for spas

We supplied the channel grating installed for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Tollcross Pool, Glasgow/Scotland


Pool gratings made of Polystone® D in different shapes and colours

Pool grating
Pool grating made of Polystone® D in red, yellow and green
Curved channel grating with grating slots running at right angles
Curved overflow channel grating with grating slots running at right angles
그레이팅 슬롯이 직각으로 작동하는 곡선형 채널 그레이팅
그레이팅 슬롯이 직각으로 작동하는 곡선형 오버플로 채널 그레이팅
90° corner section pool grating
90° corner section pool grating
Pool grating
Pool grating for rectangular pool with slots running parallel

Colours & shapes

Designers and engineers consider many factors when planning and building swimming pools. Design is important and safety even more so. The best effect is when the design flows seamlessly from wet to dry areas and we can help achieve that. We manufacture swimming pool overflow gratings in bespoke colours, shapes and sizes for your design.


Our overflow channel gratings are available standard in blue, white or black, and any RAL colour to your specification, so they can be colour matched to suit your decor.


  • Our swimming pool gratings are available in straight or curved design
  • Slots running at right angles or parallel to the pool edge for rectangular pools
  • Slots running at right angles for curved pools

Corner sections are available in 90° and 135° angles, or bespoke angles. Corners and joints are the most vulnerable part of your pool grating, so we manufacture strong, secure corners to the exact angle you require.

Curved pool grating

Safe and Hygienic

Swimming pool gratings have to offer maximum safety and hygiene and at the same time look good. Thanks to the special properties of the thermoplastic material High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (PE-HMW) our Polystone® D pool gratings meet these high requirements. They are:


Pool gratings made of Polystone® D conforms to Health & Safety guidelines DIN Standard 51097 red class C of Anti-slip Coefficient of Friction, a German standard that tests slip resistance of flooring in barefoot conditions using soapy water as a contaminant.


Polystone® D pool gratings do not crack, splinter, rot or delaminate. They are designed to meet the high safety requirements for swimming pools.

Easy to clean

Pool gratings made of Polystone® D require little maintenance. They are easy to clean with common cleaning agents and impervious to algae.

Corrosion resistant

Polystone® D overflow channel gratings are resistant to chlorine, sea water, cleaning agents, UV and weathering. Therefore they can be used for indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Easy to handle - easy to install

With a density of 0.96 g/cm³ pool gratings made of Polystone® D are easy to handle and lighter than other conventional materials like stainless steel. This allows easy installation as well as easy removal when cleaning the overflow channel is necessary.

Mechanically very stable

Polystone® D pool gratings combine very good stability with high strength and impact resistance. This provides a safe surface to walk on.


We are happy to help with the planning and design of your pool grating and advise you on the properties of Polystone® D. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.

Brochure "Pool and Spa"

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