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Interior plastic elements for boat building

Interior elements for boat building

Our product benefits for interior boat design with high quality and optimised easy machinability and processing:

  • easy-care surfaces

  • high resistance to salt water and cleaning agents

  • lower density compared to aluminium (0,95 g/cm³ vs. 2,7 g/cm³)

Typical parts include

  • Recess hatches and bait well covers

  • Furniture & doors

  • Dock boxes

  • Cockpit covers

Product examples

The performance and service life of materials used in the boat building sector are influenced by a variety of factors. When choosing the right material, factors such as surface quality requirements, contact with salt water, oil and fuels, processing properties and/or density are essential.

Polystone® Marine-Tec for optically high-quality surfaces

  • Optimised easy machinability and processing

  • Easy-care surfaces
    • UV-stabilised and colourfast
    • Insensitive to scratches due to homogeneous colouring 
    • No rotting or delamination (advantage compared to wood and HPL)
    • No mould or fungus formation
    • Non-polar surface (dirt hardly adheres and can be easily removed)
  • Particularly high resistance to salt water and cleaning agents
  • Good thermal and electrical insulation in comparison to aluminium
  • Lower density compared to aluminium (0,95 g/cm³ vs. 2,7 g/cm³)
  • Heat resistant up to 80°C (cold resistant down to -50°C)

Desk with high-quality surface made of Polystone® Marine-Tec

Polystone® Marine-Tec for high-quality surfaces

Foamlite® G - lightweight solution

  • High-quality and insensitive surfaces in various finishes

  • as well with anti-slip surface (Checker or Cubic Grain)

  • Particularly robust and low-maintenance despite its low weight

    • high mechanical stability

    • very good notch impact properties

    • quick and easy cleaning

    • high resistance to UV radiation (optimised for permanent outdoor use)

  • Easy processing

    • conventional wood and metal tools, screwing, riveting

  • More than 45% lighter than HPL panels and over 70% lighter than aluminium with density of 0.75g/cm³

    • 21% lighter than a solid plastic sheet

    • closed-pore foamed material - no moisture absorption

Lightweight storage boxes

Covers of storage spaces

Selection from our product portfolio for boat building


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