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Synthetic ice rink made of Polystone® polar X

Not a slippery slope to nowhere, but a ticket for fantastic fun on the ice for keen skaters – Polystone® polar X plastic sheeting is specially designed for synthetic ice rinks which offer a perfect surface for skating and require no cooling, not even in summer. An ice rink without ice. Without expensive refrigeration systems. But with all of the fun factor. Polystone® polar X is an entirely new generation of products for the construction of artificial ice rinks.

The plastic sheeting offers the following advantages in comparison with standard materials on the market:

In what way is Polystone® polar X different from conventional materials?

Kunststoff-Eisbahn aus Polystone® polar x: Professionelle Eisläufer bestätigen das hervorragende Gleitverhalten
Synthetic ice rink made of Polystone® polar X: the excellent surface action is endorsed by professional ice skaters

Conventional materials used in the industry to make artificial ice rinks are often made slippery by a modification based on the migration of oil as a lubricating film. In the long term, however, this leads to a decline in the sliding properties. The lubricating layer of conventional materials also attracts dirt and dust, resulting in more maintenance work for the operators. We have spent many years developing and improving Polystone® polar X to provide a surface which offers a long service life and the pleasure of skating on a dry and therefore low-maintenance surface.

Your advantages

Economical: The high energy input required at ice rinks for cooling is not necessary here. With a synthetic ice rink made of Polystone® polar X, the "ice age" is here all year round without time-consuming and cost-intensive refrigeration.

Excellent slide characteristics: Scientific tests (see graph) confirm that the product has a  30 per cent lower coefficient of sliding friction (μ: 0.130) than conventional oil-modified material (μ: 0.185). It is therefore a great pleasure to skate on the surface. There is also less wear on the blades

Long-lasting: Polystone® polar X offers lasting and consistent surface properties. There is no decline in the sliding action due to migration of lubricants.

Weatherproof: The longevity and service life of a synthetic ice rink are affected to a substantial degree by UV radiation. Polystone® polar X is resistant to ultraviolet rays and is therefore suitable for long-term outdoor use. The surface action is not affected by precipitation either. Snow and ice can simply be scraped off without damaging the surface, leaving the quality of Polystone® polar X intact.

What is Polystone® polar X suitable for?

Skating on artificial ice is increasingly seen as an alternative to real ice, whether for people who like skating as a hobby or for sports professionals. Polystone® polar X can be used anywhere where people want to go ice skating. Examples:

  • Sports stadiums
  • Public ice rinks
  • Event arenas
  • Training centres
  • Curling rinks

The synthetic ice rink can be made in any shape imaginable. Our Polystone® polar X sheets can be very easily adapted using normal woodworking tools. 

Test parameters: sliding partner: stainless steel; speed: 0.5 m/sec.; surface pressure: 0.6 MPa; duration: 24 h.
The test was carried out in conditions application-related on a tribology test apparatus
developed in co-operation with scientists. The sliding action in response to blade material was simulated with stainless steel. Polystone® polar X was compared with a standard product made of a conventional oil-modified material.

Is it fun skating on an artificial ice rink?

The skating and braking movements are the same on Polystone® polar X as on natural ice but a bit more physical effort is required which means more exercise for the muscles. Furthermore, a synthetic ice rink will cushion the blow of any falls and so reduce the risk of injury in comparison to real ice.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further details about the possible applications and properties of Polystone® polar X. Simply use our contact form below and write to us.

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