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Lignostone® - Threaded rods and nuts

Threaded rods and nuts made of Lignostone® produced in a non vacuum impregnated grade (standard) and a vacuum impregnated special grade are used in transformers.

Threaded rods

  • Lignostone® M I/2-E3 (standard grade)
  • Lignostone® H I/2/30-E3 (special grade)

Length of threaded rods:

  • Lignostone® M I/2-E3       1,000 mm
  • Lignostone® H I/2/30-E3  1,130 mm

Offcuts can be supplied in customised lengths (<1,000 or 1,130 mm).


  • Lignostone® M II/2-E3 (standard grade)
  • Lignostone® H II/2/30-E3 (special grade)

Large quantities of the following sizes are held in stock in both grades:

  • M 10
  • M 12
  • M 16
  • M 20

Other sizes can be manufactured by agreement.


Lignostone® Transformerwood® M I/2-E3 rods are used in transformers. Their diameters range from 6 to 28 mm, with a standard length of 2,000 mm. Offcuts can be supplied in customised lengths (< 2,000 mm)

Lignostone® Threaded rods and nuts

Röchling is a member of TRANSFORM - A unique network of leading global suppliers in the field of power transformers.

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