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Glastherm® HT 250 M


Glastherm® HT 250 M boasts very high compressive strength and is particularly resistant to heat. The heat insulation system is ideally suited to the thermal insulation of press moulds and enables the conservation of energy during the pressing process. The heat insulation system is mainly used in hydraulic wood, plastic and tyre presses. Glastherm® HT 250 M is free of asbestos and can be easily cut and adapted with standard metal tools. We recommend diamond cutters for relatively large jobs.

  • Maximum continuous operation temperature: 250 °C (482 °F)
  • Very high compressive strength: 445 MPa (at 200 °C)
  • Good thermal insulation


  • Fibre-reinforced composite material developed for applications in field of thermal insulation (max. continuous operating temperature 250°C)
  • Low thermal conductivity and extremly high compressive strength


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324088Glastherm® HT 250 M pressed sheet sheet 2.000 x 1.100 x 15 (+/-1) mm 2 000 mm 1 100 mm 15 mm

Technical Specifications Glastherm® HT 250 M

Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
DensityISO 1183g / cm32,0
Flexural strength ISO 178MPa300
Modulus of elasticity in flexion ISO 178MPa22000
Compressive strength 1)ISO 604MPa600
Compressive strength 1) +200°CISO 604MPa445
Tensile strength IIISO 527MPa250
Impact strength (Charpy)ISO 179kJ / m2150
Splitting force IIDIN 53463N5000
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Thermal conductivity 2)W / (m * K) 0,23
Coefficient of linear expansion IITMA (Mettler)10-6 x K-110 - 15
Max. continuous operating temperature°C250
Test MethodUnitGuideline Value
Water absorption (4mm thickness)ISO 62%0,15


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