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Röchling Industrial Lützen SE & Co. KG

Röchling Industrial at its site in Lützen/Germany

The Röchling Industrial Division offers you a wide range of thermoplastics and composites for technical applications. The Lützen site focuses on the production of precisely machined components. You will also receive a wide range of semi-finished products in the form of sheets, round rods, tubes, profiles as well as molded castings of various plastic types.

Finished parts made of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics

What’s special about Röchling Industrial Lützen SE & Co. KG site in Lützen/Germany is that it specializes in the machining production of CNC turned and milled components made of thermoplastics and composites within the Industrial Division. We manufacture your finished plastic parts according to your specifications. Whether it be prototype or series production, our employees work with state-of-the-art CNC machining centers. It’s this know-how that has made Röchling Lützen known for its finished parts made of thermoplastics and composites for over 30 years.

"For more than 30 years, we have been serving customers throughout Germany and Eastern Europe with finished parts made of thermoplastics and composites. Turning and milling this material requires a lot of expertise. We have precise knowledge of processing plastics and know which processes are right for which plastics. Our daily work is characterized by short routes and quick decisions. This enables us to produce the right components for our customers from carefully selected material in the shortest possible time and with the highest level of quality."

Dirk Galler, Managing Director Röchling Industrial Lützen SE & Co. KG

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Areas of expertise

Precision parts and design consulting

Every year, we machine tens of thousands of components made of thermoplastics and composites for our customers individually according to drawings. This experience has taught us that each component has different requirements in terms of geometry, tolerances and surface quality. Our experienced technicians know exactly what is feasible when it comes to CNC processing of plastics. For hand-drawn sketches, we offer our professional design service including the creation of necessary 3D data. We will gladly support you, all the way from material selection to design and machining. Talk to us.

Durostone® solder pallets

Our solder pallets made of Durostone® are a good example of our pronounced awareness of precision. The different Durostone® solder pallet qualities were specially developed for the production of printed circuit boards. Our solder pallet materials are suitable for hand soldering, SMT, reflow and sonic soldering processes. For standard and optical applications, we offer our antistatic Durostone® CAS761 in black and CAG762 in grey. Our products Durostone® CFR767 and WGR781, which have high chemical resistance and also allow very thin wall thicknesses, are suitable for higher operating temperatures. In addition, we offer our material Durostone® CHP760, which is characterized by good insulating properties. Our range of Durostone® solder pallets material includes finished parts, solder pallets with and without design services, cut-to-size products and semi-finished products.

More information about Durostone® solder palltes

Polystone® polar X

With Polystone® polar X, we offer ice-skating fans a special, slippery plastic sheet for the construction of plastic skating rinks, which can be even be skated on in summer without any cooling. Our Polystone® polar return stations also provide the opportunity to improve players’ passing skills and to train receiving a puck with a stick or ice skate. On the front side of the Polystone® polar return station there is a strip made of an elastic material which passes back the puck depending on the impact strength.

More information about Polystone® polar X

Kunststoff-Eisbahn aus Polystone® polar x: Professionelle Eisläufer bestätigen das hervorragende Gleitverhalten


Our machined components are used in industries with very different requirements. For instance:

Extensive selection of materials:

Every application needs a suitable material that meets very specific requirements. At Röchling Lützen, we offer you an extensive range of thermoplastic and fiber-reinforced plastic types and numerous shape and format variants from the Röchling Industrial Division for machining your components.

Product examples

Machined component made of SUSTARIN C
Glastherm® thermal insulation according to customer drawings
Durostone® solder pallet
Polystone® polar X - skating rink
Machined component made of Polystone® M C

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