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Plastics for high-performance construction machinery

Be it excavators, piling and drilling machines or wheel loaders: Construction machines have to withstand the harsh working conditions on construction sites, in addition to high load capacities and long service lives. This is the only way to meet the tight schedules of construction projects. Every manufacturer is therefore faced with the challenge of increasing the performance and reliability of their construction machinery. We can support you in achieving this goal: We offer particularly sturdy plastics, resistant to wear and tear, which can be used to develop reliable and long-lasting construction machinery.

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Pile helmets

Pile helmets made of our material Lamigamid® 450N offer perfectly matched toughness and strength. Lamigamid® 450N absorbs shocks and vibrations. Excellent damping behaviour noticeably reduces noise pollution for machine operators and for the environment. Lamigamid® 450N has a service life that is approximately two to five times longer than conventional liner materials. That results in a long service life of the buffers.

Support plates and support plate pads

Cranes and construction machines have to be secure and stable. Lamigamid® support plates are light, stable and have a low impact on the ground. Even at high impact loads, the plastic plates remain dimensionally stable. Support plates made of Lamigamid® are used at support pressures of 250kN to 1,500kN. Heavy-duty support plates are made of Lamigamid® 300, Lamigamid® 310 or Lamigamid® 400. We supply support plates complete with assembly material according to the customers’ requirements – both for permanently mounted and removable versions.

Lining for digger shovels

For areas in which the use of flame-retardant materials is appropriate or even prescribed, we recommend Matrox® SE. The material combines good slide properties and high resistance to wear with a flame-retardant classification in fire class UL94 V0. That makes Matrox® SE ideal for the lining of digger shovels in mining , for instance.

Sliding element for the jib

Sliding elements made of lubricant enriched cast polyamides make for a smooth extension motion of telescopic crane booms and equipment booms. They provide high strength and rigidity and facilitate extension with exceptionally good sliding properties. This material group includes our PA 6G materials Sustamid® 6G, Sustaglide®, Lamigamid® 319 and Lamigamid® 318.

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The performance and service life of materials for construction machinery is influenced by many factors. These criteria need to be considered in order to make the right choice. Examples:

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.

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