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Research & Development

Research and Development

Our research and development is characterized by a systematic approach to innovations. This forward thinking requires comprehensive knowledge of solution concepts and processes for developing novel products and materials.

We have learned how to optimize and accelerate our development and manufacturing processes. To do this, we use modern tools for design, simulation, testing and in the production process. In addition, we never miss an opportunity to combine our competencies. This ensures that all decisive key parameters are always kept in view and resources are used optimally.

As an engineering system partner, we are in demand internationally because our partners have access to this know-how at all times. And this applies to all phases: from first concept to the test laboratory, toolmaking, process development and production technologies.

Service, processes and organization can be implemented anywhere in the world with identical standards. Even for projects spanning several regions.

At our R&D center in Worms, Germany, we conduct research and development on vehicle acoustics, aerodynamics and structural lightweight. This center is the reference for new solutions in underbodies, aerodynamics as well as battery housings and battery protection devices. This is the place where we find for our customers the best options for their material and plastic processing. For example, through our expertise in compression molding technology.

New developments of fluid and battery components come from our R&D center in Laives, Italy. This is where we pool our expertise in fluid and thermal management. In addition, our experts in injection molding technologies come together in Laives. There they do pioneering work in material applications and plastics solutions.

The Tools and Equipment Center Laives supports the implementation of new technologies and processes in all regions. This includes the harmonization of hardware and software, which continuously improves the interaction of production technology with research and development. In this way, we ensure that even exceptionally stringent requirements are met.

The wide range of Asian automotive manufacturers requires reliable and excellent local suppliers. The Engineering Center Kunshan supports our customers in finding the best solution for their future-oriented applications. From here, we support all Röchling Automotive activities in Korea, Thailand, India, and Japan.

With our Engineering Support Japan we fulfill the wishes of our Japanese partners.

Local and customer-oriented support is the driving force behind the engineering center in Troy, MI, USA. The expanded internal capacities in the areas of development, prototyping and testing enable a rapid response to customer inquiries.

Our Material Application Center

Our Material Application Center (MAC) is the center of our materials expertise. In the MAC, our experts make their networked knowledge of materials, processes and simulation available - for our customers and as an internal source of knowledge. Including a permanent hunger for the latest research. This makes them the gateway to the best possible material and processing solution for each individual project.

Our colleagues at MAC are involved in every project that involves complex material requirements. This way, we can always offer our customers the best material option. Our MAC partners with at least one university, research institution or material supplier on every project. These partnerships drive our research decisively.

There are two specialized departments in the MAC: one for compression molding in Worms (Compression Molding Technologies, CMT) and one for injection molding in Laives (Injection Molding Technologies, IMT). The teams work in a cross-functional structure.


Unsere unternehmerische Innovationskompetenz zeigen wir stolz mit dem Siegel für bescheinigte Forschungszulagen der BSFZ.


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