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Röchling Industrial Roding GmbH

Röchling at the location Roding

The Röchling Industrial division offers a large selection of thermoplastics and composites for technical applications. We supply our products in the form of semi-finished products such as sheets, round rods, tubes, profiles and finished castings right through to precision-machined parts.

Our Röchling Industrial Roding GmbH site in Roding/Germany specialises within the Industrial division on the machining of high-precision turned and milled parts made of thermoplastics with a high surface quality. Our cutting experts in Roding work on state-of-the art CNC machining centres compliant with the latest standards and produce components with complex geometries and close tolerances in line with customer specifications.

“At Röchling Roding you can always rely on three things: Best quality, absolute precision and highest standards.”

Michael Haller, General Manager, Röchling Industrial Roding GmbH 

Röchling Industrial Roding uses this know-how to contribute to the Industrial division's extensive expertise in the machining of thermoplastics. The division combines a unique international network of flexible enterprises specialising in the manufacture of high-quality finished parts for virtually every industry.

Areas of expertise - Röchling Industrial Roding GmbH

Assembly groups

Breast biopsy unit made of SUSTAPEEK MG at Röchling Roding machined to narrow tolerances based on customer drawings and then mounted as a complete assembly group

Complex geometries & close tolerances

Röchling Roding machines thermoplastic components with complex geometries and close tolerances

High surface quality

Röchling Roding is a specialist in the manufacture of components with a high surface quality, for example components for endoscopes in SUSTAPEEK MG black: Röchling Roding machines the complex finished parts to meet the highest standards of workmanship and precision.


The components machined at Röchling Roding are used in industries with a variety of requirements:

Comprehensive range of materials:

Every application needs a material that meets quite specific requirements. When it comes to machining your components, we can offer you a comprehensive range of thermoplastics from PE to PEEK.


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