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Röchling Industrial Lahnstein SE & Co. KG

Röchling Industrial at the locations Lahnstein and Nentershausen

The Röchling Industrial division offers a wide range of thermoplastic and composites plastics for technical applications. With pioneering spirit, we produce and develop semi-finished products as well as machined or custom-made components according to customer drawings. Our portfolio includes extruded and calendered sheets, as well as rods, tubular bars, profiles, films, as well as thermoplastic molded parts and press plates made of high-temperature plastics.

Center of Excellence for High-Performance Plastics

At Röchling Industrial Lahnstein SE & Co. KG, with our location in Lahnstein and Nentershausen, we are the competence center for high-performance plastics within the Industrial division. For more than 40 years, we have been part of the Röchling Group. With over 370 employees, we manufacture semi-finished products and machined components according to customer drawings using our well-known-brand materials such as SustaPEEK, Sustarin® and Sustamid®.

Expertise – Röchling Industrial in Lahnstein and Nentershausen

High-performance plastics

As the competence center for high-performance plastics within Röchling Industrial, we specialize in processing thermoplastic materials for very high continuous operating temperatures. Our offerings include globally reowned brand materials such as SustaPEEK, Sutarin®, Sustamid®, SustaPEI, an many others.  

Industrial expertise

Our high-performance plastics find application in demanding industries worldwide, such as mechanical engineering, food industry, wind energy, oil & gas, healthcare, and electronics. With our years of experience, we collaborate with you to develop the right product precisely tailored for your application.

Processing expertise

Our experienced employees process our brand materials on state-of-the-art machines and equipment. Since 1956, we have brought expertise in the processing and further processing of high-performance plastics.



At our location in Lahnstein, we manufacture semifinished products from thermoplastic plastics, while in Nentershausen, we machine custom-made components according to customer drawings. With this range, we contribute to the extensive product diversity of thermoplastic semi-finished products and machined components, as well as Composites, at Röchling Industrial.

Fast delivery

With our logistics center in Lahnstein, which is over 10,000 square meters in size, we maintain a very high level of product availability and delivery capability. Equipped with the latest insights in supply chain management, we can respond to inquiries quickly and deliver our products to customers all over the world.




From PE to PEEK, a selection of industrial plastics, engineering plastics and high-performance plastics that is unique on the market. Whether sheets, blocks, rods, hollow rods, foils, rolled goods, welding wire, or profiles and finished parts - choose from our diverse delivery program or contact us. We advise you on the selection of the right materials for your application.

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