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Additive Manufacturing to Be Integrated into Industrial

As CEO of Röchling Industrial, Franz Lübbers will be responsible for additive manufacturing at Röchling in the future.

  • Röchling Direct Manufacturing Center moves from Waldachtal to Burgrieden
  • Test phase in additive manufacturing successfully completed after three years

Mannheim, 10 October 2022 | At the end of the year, the Röchling Group will be relocating the Röchling Direct Manufacturing Center (RDMC) from Waldachtal to the new Röchling Industrial Laupheim site in Burgrieden/both Germany. This will be accompanied by the complete integration of the RDMC into the Industrial division. The company is thus bringing additive manufacturing more in line with its existing operational processes. In the future, it will be even better able to respond to the needs of customers and partners and offer them additional services.

“We founded the RDMC under the umbrella of the Röchling Group about three years ago in order to build up in-depth expertise in the additive manufacturing of complex components and to apply this to the production of small- and medium-volume series,” says Franz Lübbers, CEO of Röchling Industrial. The goal was to determine the 3D printing manufacturing options that would be a good match for Röchling. “We have now successfully completed this process. Additive manufacturing enables us to completely rethink and implement conventional products and manufacturing processes,” adds Lübbers.

With the relocation of the RDMC site at the end of the year, those systems including the software and manufacturing environments that have proven their worth for Röchling will move from the northern Black Forest to Burgrieden in the Ostalb region. “All of our customers’ components manufactured to date will continue to be produced on the same machines and at the same high level of quality. This means that customers will still benefit from the existing advantages of production from a single source,” said Axel Höfter, General Manager for Corporate R&D at Röchling Industrial.

As in the past, Röchling can carry out further mechanical finishing work on printed products or refine their surfaces. “Of course, we will remain a reliable partner to our customers in the future and are looking forward to continuing to provide them with excellent and pioneering support,” says Lübbers.

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