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Wheel Arch Liners

Wheel Arch Liners (WAL) are now much more than just covers to protect the bodywork. Their acoustic and aerodynamic properties make them indispensable components in modern vehicles.


New Hybrid WAL

In addition to conventional WAL, which are produced by injection moulding, a hybrid structure with non-woven inserts is becoming increasingly important. Hybrid WAL are lighter than the pure plastic versions and are further improved in terms of acoustics. Moreover, cooling openings can be integrated more easily than in pure textile WAL.


Sophisticated components for better aerodynamics and acoustics

Wheel Arch Liners can take over the function of an air curtain. In combination with Speed Lips and bumpers/air deflectors they become aerodynamically effective. It is also possible to use additional absorbers and special material combinations. This reduces noise in the interior and during pass-by even more effectively. 

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Wheelhouse Hybrid
Wheelhouse with speed lips
Wheelhouse covering, two-piece 2K injection molding
Thin-walled, single-section wheel arch liner

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