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As a family business with almost 200 years of history, we do not focus on short-term success, but pursue a long-term perspective. It is also an incentive for us to deal responsibly with resources with regard to our descendants. For us, sustainable growth is a fundamental principle of our economic activities. It is the benchmark for our entrepreneurial success.

As a processor of engineering plastics, we are experts in a material that makes an important contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation due to its low weight, long service life and wide range of applications.

To further integrate the topic of sustainability, the Röchling Group founded the "Röchling Board Sustainability" in 2022. It deals with the key issues relating to sustainability and also advises strategic decisions of the entire Executive Board in order to advance concrete implementation steps.

With Röchling-BioBoom® for bioplastics and Röchling-ReLoop® for recyclates, our company was already able to introduce two new product families in 2022.



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