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Röchling Steps Up Plastics Business Expansion

Mannheim (Germany), November 3, 2006 – The Röchling Group, Mannheim, is continuing to expand its plastics business. It has acquired in Meta-Plast A/S, Denmark, SGT Spritzgießtechnik GmbH, Weidenberg, Germany, and Canadian GL&V’s UK-based General Engineering division three companies that ideally complement the Röchling Group with their special plastics processing know-how, their market position and their sales channels.

"In acquiring the three companies we are on schedule in embarking on the expansion of our business activities in plastics processing", said Röchling Group CEO Georg Duffner. Companies would continue to be of special interest as takeover candidates if they combined excellent product know-how, outstanding customer relations and special production processes and could therefore complement or expand the Group’s portfolio.
Meta-Plast A/S is a manufacturer of machined finished parts with production facilities in Allinabro, Denmark, and Liepaja, Latvia. The aim of the acquisition is to increase the Röchling Group’s market share in Scandinavia and further enlarge its machining business in the High-Performance Plastics division.
The Röchling Group has taken over from Canadian GL&V its UK-based General Engineering division in Bacup, Great Britain. The division specializes in the manufacture of extrusion profiles and finished thermoplastic parts.
In buying SGT Spritzgießtechnik GmbH, based near Bayreuth, Germany, the Röchling Group is strengthening its access to engineering plastics markets where it has previously maintained only a marginal presence. SGT specializes in injection molding precision-made engineering plastic parts with a special focus on fully automatic metal and plastic compounds, small high-performance plastic parts, micro-injection molded and multi-component parts.

"These companies are a good match for the Group and can easily be integrated", Duffner said. With a combined payroll of about 150 employees their annual sales are EUR 18 million.
Announcing that there would be more acquisitions in the near future, Duffner said "Röchling will move on consistently in its progress toward becoming one of the world’s leading plastics processing enterprises."

The Röchling Group is a worldwide operating plastics group based in Mannheim, Germany. With 5,400 employees at 54 locations in 17 countries, Röchling is today one of the leading international plastics processing enterprises. With its High-Performance Plastics and Automotive Plastics divisions, the Group’s sales totaled over EUR 1 billion in Europe, America and Asia.