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Patient-Focused & Sustainable Design – Our Innovative Solutions

Our development team has made design optimizations on two of our pharmaceutical primary packaging solutions to make significant improvements - both for patients and for the environment.  

Clever, small adjustments can achieve great things. In both cases, the effects on our environment are particularly pleasing: less pollution and less waste. 

These are the solutions in detail: 

Eyedropper System With Attached Cap

Just like PET beverage bottles, the cap sits firmly on the bottle.  This reduces the risk of contamination and protects patients, as the cap cannot fall into the eye or onto the floor.  

This design optimization is also beneficial to the environment, as the caps no longer pollute our beaches and waters in the form of small pieces of plastic waste. 



Eyedropper System With Attached Cap – a design optimization by Röchling Medical

Peaked Bottles for Improved Residual Emptying

Similar to perfume bottles, nasal spray bottles can usually not be emptied completely due to their geometry. We have developed an optimized packaging design in which the bottles now have a pointed base that ensures significantly better emptying.  

The riser tube of the pump is pressed into the cone of the base. This has the advantage that the position in which the bottle is held for spraying (approx. 35°) does not matter. This design adjustment can improve residual emptying by up to 30%. 

The new design counteracts the waste of medication and thus makes an important contribution to sustainability. 

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