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Air Water Management Solutions

Air to breath

A comfortable atmosphere is particularly important for the interior of current passenger vehicles. The exterior air supply plays a very special role here. The air in the passenger compartment should be free of liquid water and, of course, free of odors.  


Dry zone Interior

To remove liquid water from the air in the passenger compartment, we have highly developed air intake systems in our product portfolio. In addition to efficient separation of air and water, our solutions ensure optimum circulation. They offer an attractively designed surface and an effective sealing concept to the engine compartment and windshield.

The most important highlights

Our system for air intake and water management comes as a complete solution. It combines effective air-water separation with high aesthetic surface finish for visible components.

Your customer benefit through our Air Water Management Solutions

Lightweight construction

Sealing Solutions

Internal Capablity for Design, Development and Testing

Full Service from Röchling

Windshield cowl cover with injected, integrated hollow profile soft seal in bullet shot injection molding

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