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Challenges drive us to innovation

Challenges drive us to innovation

Different battery types require the most varied forms of protection, attachment and reinforcement. Therefore, new, specific challenges keep arising in the production process of modern electric vehicles. The issues concern cells, modules, cooling units, structural protection and charging - the complete battery system. Partnering with Röchling means being at the forefront of the development process for new technologies. Our Battery Team therefore not only looks at individual components but works holistically in implementing customized solutions.

Less weight, for example, is a basic requirement for long journeys in the field of electromobility. By using Röchling plastics in battery systems, significant weight savings are possible while strength and stiffness remain comparable or even improve.

Another application example that demonstrates our interdisciplinary approach is the Active Charging Gate. Ease of use, safety and flexibility are the focus of this intelligent solution that optimizes the battery charging process. 


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