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The new generation of biopolymers meets all Röchling quality standards. The bioplastics are optimized for use in the automotive industry and is also more stable and more durable than previous versions. So far advanced is our development process that we are able to use Röchling-BioBoom for both mass production and new developments. With three different variants available, the biopolymers are suitable for almost any part of our entire product range.

We are currently preparing products such as filter boxes, active grille shutters, cowl grilles, exterior grilles, air intake ducts, tanks and degas bottles for the market, with more coming soon. Some of them are already in series production.

Components made from our biopolymers can be used even at high temperatures without any problems at all. Reinforcement using glass fibers, wood fibers or talc opens up technically and visually sophisticated applications without having to avoid certain surface structures.


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System solutions & components for the automotive industry