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Key Facts

Plastic can be more than "light”

Heavy weight is not compatible with sustainable mobility. This is where lightweight design comes in. The technology not only improves range, but also agility and comfort. This solves several challenges that modern vehicles have to master.

Less ballast is a basic requirement for long journeys. Because our lightweight components are based on plastic, we achieve noticeable weight savings - of up to 40 percent compared with metal solutions. Strength and stiffness remain comparable or even improve.

In addition, SLW technology opens up new design freedom. Functional integration allows several components to be combined into a single part. Among other things, this is made possible by the reinforced plastic structure: The parts can take on almost any conceivable shape. This enables us to realize applications that would be completely inconceivable with other materials.

When several components become one, this makes vehicle design easier and less complicated. Also because corrosion protection is unnecessary with plastic and further functions can be easily integrated.


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