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Intelligent lining technology minimises risks in mining

Röchling Industrial develops plastics equipped with sensors
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Tina Kappler, Head of Finance, Röchling Medical Waldachtal

A brilliant career

Tina Kappler talks about her journey at Röchling.
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Have the guts! Best future opportunities for girls in technical professions

Röchling Industrial in Haren promotes women in technical professions
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Dimensionally stable at 200 degrees Celsius

What plastic is suitable as a sample holder in a vulcanisation furnace?
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Safe on the racetrack with Sustavacu®

How do you develop, design and build an economical racing car that also impresses on the racetrack? To find out, students from different universities and colleges compete against each other every year in the Formula Student.
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Round bar and sheets made of Sustadur® PET FG, colour: blue

Expansion of our food grade range

Sustadur PET FG now also available in blue and black for use in food processing
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Additive manufacturing is pioneering for Röchling Industrial

At the beginning of the year, the international plastics processor Röchling Industrial integrated the Röchling Direct Manufacturing Center (3D printing) from Waldachtal into the Röchling Industrial Laupheim at the Burgrieden site.
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Bester Verfahrensmechaniker Niedersachsens kommt von Röchling in Haren

IHK Niedersachsen zeichnet hervorragende Leistungen aus
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Röchling Group Establishes “Röchling Sustainability Board”

Mannheim, 2 June 2022 | In order to further strengthen its sustainability activities, the Röchling Group has defined the topic as one of its key strategic areas for the future.
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