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A brilliant career

Tina Kappler, Head of Finance, Röchling Medical Waldachtal

Tina Kappler's professional career began 21 years ago with a dual degree in business administration specializing in industry, at that time still at FRANK plastic AG. After completing her studies, she started directly with her former employer, now Röchling Medical Waldachtal AG, in Controlling. For nine years she has held the responsible position of authorized signatory and for the last ten years she has been Head of Finance for the Röchling Medical site in Waldachtal.   

This remarkable path was never Tina's primary goal, as she always focused on having a great team and enjoying her work. "If you do what you enjoy, then you automatically do it well," said Tina Kappler. And that has paid off! For the future, she looks forward to the upcoming projects with confidence and is very grateful for the trust placed in her - by her team and the management. 

The two sales processes that Tina Kappler has already accompanied, most recently to the Röchling Group, were a significant milestone in her professional career. This was not always easy, as it also involved many challenges and changes, but it made the work varied and exciting every day.  

"When I applied, I specifically chose a small, medium-sized company," says Tina Kappler, "and now I'm at Röchling, an international group." But she is happy about the development, because it has proven to be a great advantage to have an intentional group behind you. Not only the further development of the company, but also personal development is promoted by the opportunity to network worldwide and exchange ideas with colleagues. 

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