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Plastic materials and parts for the boat structure

Materials and parts for boat structure

If you are a boat builder, we have a range of products and services supporting your requirement for high quality and best processing materials. Sheets with the most demanding level of welding and resilients:

  • enormous number of design possibilities

  • high chemical and UV resistance

  • material is about three times lighter than aluminium

Typical parts include

  • hulls

  • blankets

  • wheelhouse

Product examples

The performance and service life of materials used in the boat building sector are influenced by a variety of factors. When choosing the right material, factors such as surface quality requirements, contact with salt water, oil and fuels, processing properties and/or density are essential.

Polystone® G HD components for hulls, blankets or control desks

  • Very good welding and processing properties

    • enormous number of design possibilities 

    • recyclable material

  • High chemical and UV resistance - even in contact with salt water, oil and fuels

  • With a density of 0.95g/cm³, the material is about eight times lighter than steel

    • higher safety, as it is lighter than water 

    • greater manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency

  • Particularly long-lived, resilient and reduced maintenance effort and costs

    • does not corrode - no protective coating required

A hull made of Polystone® G HD

A control desk clad with Polystone® G HD

ABS RP-250 components for hulls or blankets of recreational boats

  • Suitable for thermoforming enormous number of design possibilities

  • Requiring high impact resistance even at low temperatures

  • Co-extruded with ASA

    • a good UV resistance and weather ability

  • Special ABS grade, which has very good elongation at break.

  • Coloured through, scratches are not visible

  • Easy to repair with Terhi Fix, which is mass very close to ABS plastic

Selection from our product portfolio for boat building

Arrange technical advice

The performance and service life of materials used for working boats are influenced by a variety of factors. These factors must be taken into account in order to select the right materials. Examples:

  • Contact with salt water and cleaning agents
  • Requirements of processing
  • Design conditions
  • Dimensions and tolerances

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.


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