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Pulley Express

7 days delivery for high-quality Optamid pulleys

With our service Pulley Express we ship to you custom manufactured high-quality Optamid® pulleys to your specifications that will be dispatched within 7 days to european countries.

  • To enable this unique service, we defined 25 standard sized Optamid® pulleys with diameters from 160 up to 520mm
  • After the simple order process we will arrange final preparation in line with your requirements and can send them to you with express delivery
Available for the Pulley Express: deflection pulleys made of Optamid in 25 standard sizes with diameters from 160 to 520 mm

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"With our unique Pulley Express Service, we want to support our customers in the quick and easy maintenance and repair of elevators and help reduce downtime with the quick availability of our Optamid® pulleys."

Lothar Sieber, Elevator Sales Manager Röchling Industrial Xanten



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