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Measurement Technology

Highly qualified employees and a modern measurement laboratory guarantee the efficient assurance of component quality at Röchling Precision Components SE - from initial sampling to product discontinuation.

The following measuring equipment is available in-house:

CAQ system

CAQ stands for Computer Aided Quality. Röchling Precision Components uses this technology to document and archive all quality-relevant data during production. The Röchling Precision Components Group uses an integrative system that is implemented in the existing IT. Processes can be reproduced and quality assured. Defined quality checks monitor the high standards in production right through to goods issue. The CAQ system supports Röchling Precision Components in ensuring process-reliable processes.

The CAQ system at Röchling Precision Components comprises the following aspects:

The systematic application of a process-oriented quality management system creates the prerequisite for a long-term increase in quality. The continuous assurance of component and series quality are central management tasks within the Röchling Precision Components Group.


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