Active Charging Gate: charging in comfort mode

Active covers replace conventional fuel filler flaps

It's a ritual that happens automatically. It's a practiced movement, like looking over your shoulder or starting the engine. Refueling is second nature to us. But here, too, electromobility is (once again) changing everything.

Patience is rewarded

Despite all the similarities: Conventional and alternative drives differ in key respects. Lower emissions from the "new energy vehicles" are one of the most important differences. This raises the question of how the energy actually gets into the cars.

To be ready for the next trip, electric vehicles simply take longer. Instead of pumping valuable raw materials into the tank in a matter of minutes, batteries have to be charged as gently as possible. And that takes time. Many see this as a loss of comfort - although patience is rewarded with more driving pleasure.

Technical miracle instead of fuel filler flap

With our Active Charging Gate (ACG), we want to make the charging process as convenient as possible. Like its counterpart in combustion vehicles, the active flap regulates access to the energy interface and thus makes charging possible in the first place.

The ACG performs this task more passionately than the good old flap to the tank. For example, with new functions such as touch operation or control via app. The gate displays the charging status and opens automatically as soon as you approach it with a suitable plug. If required, there is even a discreet illumination of the surroundings. 

And just like driving, this means that "refueling" in electric vehicles finally feels like the future. Speaking of contemporary: We also offer our Active Charging Gate in variants made of our biopolymers.







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