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Seeber is now Röchling Automotive

Mannheim (Germany), January 27, 2006 – Seeber companies of the Röchling Group are starting the year with a new name and logo. Companies in the automotive technology division will from now on be trading as Röchling Automotive.

In recent months the Röchling Group has consistently pursued its concentration on the plastics business. The erstwhile conglomerate has become an enterprise that is specialized in processing quality plastics into semi-finished products, parts and systems.

“The Röchling name and our company coat of arms are in the future to stand for proficiency in plastics. To underscore this message in public and in the market, Röchling Group companies will all have names that include Röchling and use the coat of arms as their logo,” says Georg Duffner, chairman of the Röchling Group’s managing board, commenting on the new name. This common corporate identity will enable Röchling to be perceived even more strongly in the future as a high-quality plastics processing brand.

The Seeber companies in Europe, China and the United States are responsible for automotive technology within the Röchling Group and will all be known as Röchling Automotive.

The Seeber Group is a leading manufacturer of systems and components for the automotive industry made of polymers and natural fiber molding materials. Nearly all well-known automotive manufacturers and major system suppliers are Seeber customers. 3,200 employees at 19 locations around the world develop and manufacture plastic solutions for engine compartments, underbodies and automobile interiors. In 2004 the Seeber Group posted EUR 545 million in sales. The Röchling Group, with around 8,000 employees, reported EUR 1.4 billion in sales in 2004.