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Röchling Automotive Reaps Two Awards for Outstanding

First place in the “Powertrain” category as well as the “Grand Award” for the most points awarded by the jury – those were the distinctions Röchling Automotive received at the Automotive Division Award 2009 ceremony, held by the Society of Plastics Engineers Central Europe. The festive event took place in Düsseldorf and played host to a number of guests. The ceremony went a long way in living up to its unofficial title as the “Oscars” of the plastics industry, especially with respect to the high level of regard the vote receives among experts around the world.


“25% lower costs and 30% less weight in comparison to aluminum tubes, all that at 230 degrees Celsius and 2.8 bar as a regular workload. We are using this plastic charge-air tube to tap into a new field of metal substitution. After all, with a two-liter VW diesel motor with 125 kW, we are currently on the “hot side” of the charge-air route, thus between the turbocharger and the charge-air cooler. That really impressed the jury,” explained Dr. Fabrizio Chini, Röchling Automotive’s R&D Manager, with respect to the jury’s decision. Head of Research and Development, Ludwig Huber continued, “Add to that the complexity of the manufacturing processes. Two brackets are JectBonded for the tube right inside the mold. Two others are added in an additional mold, also via JectBonding. Only with this new process have we been able to reduce the costs so much. That has deeply convinced the jury.”



JectBonding has had people talking about Röchling for quite some time now. The trademarked terms describe a patented procedure. “The main advantages over the multi-stage process are simplification, abbreviation and the elimination of errors. The application of welding as the joining method always leads to defects. This loss can be minimized with JectBonding. Depending on the geometry of the component and the material, we can assume a clearly more dependable cost base as a result of this substantially more robust process. The centralization of process steps goes even further in accommodating the cost pressure,” explains Chini. “All of this only works with an exact control over the temperature and processing window – and the right material.”


Ticona provides such a material, as Matthias Schümann, Segment Manager of Automotive Ticona Europe, happily attests, “The charge-air tube made of high-temperature capable Fortron 1115LO won over the SPE jury, even more so due to the high level of stability and long lifespan. Ticona specially developed this PPS type for blow molding and extrusion processes with a 15% glass fiber component as well as a higher melt strength and viscosity in order to produce, for example, tubes or tubing systems featuring complex geometry and higher levels of technical production quality.”


Carsten W. Wörner, Commercial Director of Ticona Europe, also adds a perspective on the developmental state for the enhancement material of the brackets, “To make JectBonding possible at the lowest possible temperatures and pressures, the material must possess excellent flow characteristics. In addition, a high level of impact strength is required. For this reason, Röchling has been testing Fortron FX4330T7 from Ticona.


The 30% glass fiber enhanced PPS type not only fulfills all of the prerequisites for application in both procedural variations, it also distinguishes itself via improved toughness. The most important thing is: this high-impact modified PPS type bonds extremely well with Type 1115LO, which is used for the charge-air tube.”



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