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JEC Award – outstanding team play

Pultrusion process wins in the competition

It is one of the most prestigious distinctions in the plastics industry: the “JEC Composites Innovation Award.”

We found out that we were among the finalists a few weeks before the actual award ceremony, so we had plenty of time for loads of anticipation.


Partnership performance


But it was not just us at Röchling Automotive who were looking forward to the event. Our colleagues from Röchling Industrial and partners at Fraunhofer ICT also had their pulses racing. After all, we were among the contenders with the joint development

“Reactive Thermoplastic PA6 Pultrusion.”

The process enables the production of cost-effective and highly resilient automotive components. Profiles are integrated into the final component as reinforcing elements by injection or compression molding. Using the same plastic in the reinforcing element and molding material makes it easy to recycle the components.

To the award ceremony as a team

Since we made the process possible as a team, we also attended the award ceremony in Paris together on February 8, 2024. The jury then made it all official and announced us as the winner in the “Automotive & Road Transportation – Process” category.

The award is a tribute to the project and our teamwork. This success would not have been possible without the close cooperation between Röchling Automotive, Röchling Industrial, and Fraunhofer ICT.

Thanks to the JEC Group and thanks to our partners!

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