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Time to make an impact

As a processor of plastics for technical applications, we also have a social and ecological responsibility. That is why the entire Röchling Group is working on solutions that will ensure a world worth living in for future generations. For years, we have been conducting concentrated research into how CO2 emissions can be effectively reduced. This applies especially to emissions that are already generated during production. In our view, bioplastics, which are marketed by us under the Röchling-BioBoom® product family, are the next step toward resource-saving production.

Röchling Automotive has succeeded in developing biopolymers that constitute a genuine alternative to conventional plastics. Compared to fossil polymers, for example, we get by with up to 90 percent fewer emissions in the production of our bioplastics. That means that PLA BIO for example saves 480 kilograms of carbon dioxide in the manufacture of a mid-range car. The savings potential applies to the entire production chain, from raw plastics to further processing and vehicle production.

Thanks to many years of development work, we have greatly expanded the range of potential applications of our bioplastics. Our next goal is to be able to offer a biovariant for all products in our portfolio.


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