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Simulation software simplifies predevelopment of air filters

Filter / Filtration Software Röchling Automotive

Round, angular, flat or high: there are lots of variables in filter design. Aspects such as emissions directives and application-specific requirements play a crucial role in the complex process. The performance of the filter is the result of a trade-off between pressure loss, dust capacity and efficiency. Röchling Automotive has developed a software allowing the optimum filter design, service life and performance to be determined.

More factors in a shorter time

The program simplifies the complex and time-consuming predevelopment process. In contrast to the usual tests performed according to ISO standard 5011 up to now, the application makes complicated test setups unnecessary. Also, these tests do not reflect everyday conditions or regional differences such as local dust levels. Röchling’s simulation software takes these factors into account, thus allowing cross-market product development. The program realizes the required filter characteristics reliably by accessing manufacturer information such as vehicle data, targets with regard to service life or dust capacity of the filter, information on the medium and specific packaging data such as pleat height and distance between pleats.

To achieve precise results with regard to the potential mileage and service life of the filter element, the software takes parameters such as filter medium and geometry, dust class and quantity, density, nominal air flow and environmental influences into account. In addition, the software user can define the principal field of application of the filter, which also affects the characteristics of the filter as a result of differing application conditions.
The high congruence between the results calculated virtually and the real-life testing methods confirms the precision of the program. With this simulation software, Röchling supports designers in the development of filter elements for use all over the globe.

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