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Charge Ports

The fuel doors on internal combustion vehicles do not typical bring a “wow” factor to vehicle design. This is changing when we consider battery and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

To match the new propulsion forms, Charging Gates or “fuel doors” for e-vehicles are being used to highlight or differentiate xEV design. Including the integration of displays or discreet lighting to show the battery's charge status. In addition, unique opening & closing motion augment the overall e-vehicle design language. Various functions of the charging door can be individually configured via software. For example, emergency closing, anti-tramper protection or operation by means of sensors and remote (app or key based can be implemented).

The automatic charging door movement truly emphasizes the “futuristic” design of electric vehicles.  With reliably developed kinematics, robust actuator selection and smart configuration of software, Active Charging Gate can bring the “wow” factor. 

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