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Underbody Panels

Silent protection

Our underbody panels are the silent heroes of many automobiles: barely visible to the observer, they play a decisive role in aerodynamics as well as in protecting the engine, transmission and body. What's more, the panels minimize engine noise - both inside and outside. An overall quieter vehicle increases comfort and also helps to easily comply with noise regulations. To achieve this, we rely on a combination of high-quality materials and sophisticated design.


Sophisticated products for aerodynamics, acoustics, thermal management and protection

For the development of our underbody claddings we use not only the latest simulation technologies but also internal testing such as water crossings. With different processing techniques and material combinations we achieve the best possible quality and high efficiency in aerodynamics, acoustics, heat management and protection.

The most important highlights

Your customer benefit through our Underbody Solutions

Low weight

Cost effective solutions

High-performance components

Effective acoustics

Full service from Röchling

Rear Diffusor BEV
High End Acoustic
High End Acoustic
Complete Underbody with coverage of the engine exhaust system
D-LFT engine shield with integrated maintenance shutter
Multi-material mix, acoustically optimized
SeeberliteTM with a mold injected TPE layer improves the stone chip protection

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