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Active Speed Lips

Become active

With our Active Speed Lips, we have specifically further developed the idea of passive stowage lips. Our solution is equipped with a drive that automatically extends the aerodynamically effective elements at higher speeds. At slower speeds, the stacking lips remain hidden. This prevents damage and the component protects itself.


With the wind at the side

Active Speed Lips are made for high-performance vehicles: a large frontal area of the tires offers many possibilities for aerodynamic optimizations. This applies to SUVs, for example. When activated, the stacking lips guide the airflow around the tires and clear the way for efficient driving. At the same time, the air resistance of the underbody components is considerably reduced.  


For powerful mobility

The improved aerodynamics save energy and noticeably extend the range of combustion engines and electric vehicles. Different drive modes and a flexible design make the Active Speed Lips interesting for all larger vehicle types.

The most important highlights

Your customer benefit through our Active Speed Lips

Optimized aerodynamics

Adjustable ground clearance

Impact protection

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Active Speed Lips

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