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Active Air Dams

Aerodynamics on demand

Our Active Air Dam is a movable front spoiler with active control: at higher speeds, a moving element automatically moves into position and unfolds its aerodynamic effect. At city speed, it retracts again and thus enables an increased angle of slope. This means that the Active Air Dam is only in use when it is actually needed.


Discreet saver

Although the solution fits discreetly into the overall appearance of the vehicle, the aerodynamic effect is enormous. The spoiler is lowered continuously and thus reduces the air resistance of the vehicle. Less drag leads to lower fuel consumption and a longer range - both for combustion engines and E-drives.

The Active Air Dam is particularly suitable for high-floor vehicles.


Design for all

We have designed the Active Air Dam for different drive technologies, operating heights and installation options. Even very large angles of attack are possible - so nothing stands in the way of even demanding off-road driving.


Right at the front

Since the Active Air Dam is exposed to very high loads due to its exposed position in the front of the vehicle, all components are particularly resistant and flexible. In the event of a collision, the system restarts immediately and allows the vehicle to continue driving quickly.

The most important highlights

Your customer benefit through our Active Air Dams

Optimized aerodynamics

Adjustable ground clearance

Impact protection

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Active Air Dam

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