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Active Air Blinds

Two concepts, one goal

Active Air Blinds (AAB) - radiator blinds intelligently influence the aerodynamics to our advantage. Very similar to their sister product Active Grille Shutter (AGS), they control the air flow directly at the front of the vehicle. When closed, the engine compartment is sealed off and the air flow is directed around the vehicle. The effect is comparable to the advantages of our Active Grille Shutter: less air resistance, lower-emission driving and faster heating of certain components are just a few examples.


Well-known principle efficiently optimized

Instead of individual air flaps in the grill, the Active Air Blinds use a textile blind in the front of the vehicle. The system works like a roller blind: when the textile is rolled up, it opens the way into the engine compartment. To close, the integrated cable guide pulls the blind in front of the air inlets. This works infinitely variable. This allows efficient operation even while heat is being dissipated.


Compact solution with many advantages

Since the textile can cover the entire front surface, very little leakage is guaranteed. The system is completely integrated into the mounting frame and is therefore particularly light and space-saving. This makes the Active Air Blinds a compact solution for vehicles with little space in the front of the vehicle. For even more flexibility, the blinds can be moved in either a horizontal or vertical direction.

The most important highlights

Your customer benefit through our Active Air Blinds

Intelligent airflow management

Structural integration

Flexible design

Cost reduction

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