Compression Blow Forming

Röchling Medical continually invests in new and innovative technologies and processing methods to help it meet the standards of tomorrow. Compression blow forming is a new technology that helps us achieve our customers’ ideas and demands even more effectively, with even higher quality results.

Compression blow forming is a method of manufacturing seamless, ready-to-use containers with precise apertures and sealing areas. Compression blow forming involves a combination of compression and blowing processes, performed by a single machine. This technology creates a great amount of added value with larger production orders, as it is a highly effective and material-conserving manufacturing process.

Just as with all of our methods, we guarantee near-sterile products with low particle counts by manufacturing under controlled Class C+D/ISO 7+8 clean room conditions. All of our production lines include camera and leakage inspections to help us maintain the highest standards of quality.


Additional characteristics:

  • Container sizes: 10 ml - 200 ml
  • Materials: PE, PP, PS, PET
  • Cost-effective solution for large-volume containers
  • Very high production rate
  • Reduced scrap rate