Röchling Medical is your partner for the development and design of plastic components for the pharmaceutical, life science and medical technology sectors. The company has extensive experience in the production of special plastic components for use in dialysis therapy. To ensure that we satisfy our customers' requirements, all production locations are subject to strict quality requirements.

A variety of materials (PC, PP etc.) are used in various applications. Röchling Medical supports their customers throughout the complete product life cycle – from development to series production. 

For dialysis, the majority of plastic components used in the dialysis process are manufactured. The different components in the dialysis process have various tasks. The lids and caps, for example, serve to create two separate circuits within the dialysis machine. The housing may only be used once. The housing ensures the sterility of the membrane/the filter, and stops any contamination in the process.

The product range in the life sciences sector:

  • PC and PP dialysis housing in a range of sizes
  • PC and PP lids and caps for dialysis housing
  • Grouting chambers

These end products are used in dialyses centres and hospitals.