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Recycling loop
Recycling – managing material flows sensibly

Recycling – managing material flows sensibly

In the production of plastic components also residues occur. However, these residues usually represent a high-quality material. One sensible use is the reprocessing of these remnants into new raw materials for future products. A recycling loop is needed to ensure that the residue is recovered properly. We have already successfully initiated recycling loops with many customers. Find out more about the possibilities and let us help you develop your recycling loop too.

We can help you develop your recycling loop – find out more!

The German Circular Economy Act defines recycling as recovery processes by which waste is processed into products, materials or substances either for their original purpose or for other purposes. There are different levels: at the end of a product lifecycle is the post-consumer recycling. But also on the path to the finished end product, residue accumulates and represents a valuable resource for new products. This form of recycling is known as post-industrial recycling. 


Recycling loops in machining and thermoforming 

In industrial sectors in which semi-finished plastic products are processed by machining or thermoforming, post-industrial recycling loops are standard.

During thermoforming, for example, edge strips occur that can be easily collected by type and processed into new products using systematic return processes. Our subsidiary Röchling Maywo ( has been a competent partner for the thermoforming industry and for the development of recycling loops for many years.

We have also successfully initiated material loops together with customers for the machining of components made of thermoplastic materials. We will gradually expand our processes in order to deepen the integration of recycling loops in the various industries. 

We want to steer material streams viably and more efficiently towards a sustainable path together with you. This not only eliminates the time-consuming disposal of residual materials, but also makes an important contribution to resource conservation and environmental protection. 

If you are interested in enlisting our help in developing your recycling loop, please get in touch with us. 



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