PTFE - Compression Moulded Billets and Machined Parts

Custom made billets and parts to your specification

With over 40 years manufacturing experience in PTFE moulding and CNC machining, Röchling has the expertise and knowledge to meet the most demanding customer requirements. We offer you custom made PTFE products:

  • PTFE Billets: Compression moulded billets made of Fibracon® PTFE
  • PTFE Parts: PTFE CNC Machined Components

The Properties of PTFE

PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) provides a unique combination of properties:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Very wide service temperature range from -260°C to over 200°C
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Hydrophobic
  • Very low coefficient of friction

Many of the characteristics of PTFE can be enhanced with the addition of fillers.  We can help you choose the right grade for your application.

Compression Moulded Billets/Tube Ready For Machining

Röchling custom make compression moulded virgin and filled PTFE billets to your specification.

  • You specify your machined part size and we produce the stock shape with an economic machining allowance or
  • You specify the stock shape dimensions (diameter, section and length) and we make to that size


  • Minimise your material waste
  • Decrease stock holding value
  • Eliminate pre-cutting to length
  • Reduce your machining time
  • Full traceability of manufacturing process from raw material to sintered billet

Polymer Selection
Our experienced staff will assist you in the selection of a suitable polymer for your application. Röchling offers

  • PTFE from the major manufacturers – you specify or leave it to us
  • Custom made to your specification – you specify the grade of PTFE and filler for your application e.g. carbon, graphite, bronze, glass, pigments, polymers, carbon fibre, molybdenum disulphide
  • More than 70 grades of polymer and PTFE compound held in stock


  • Same day quotation
  • Average 7-10 days delivery
  • Break-down service available on request – subject to a premium
  • Ship from stock agreements for next day delivery
  • Packing and labeling to your specification
  • Mechanical testing of materials
  • Full oven-cycle data and traceability

Product Range

  • Over 2000 tooling combinations allow production close to finished part size
  • Dimensions subject to material selection and tooling
Diameter - outer
Up to 1300 mm

<400 mm diameter

Max length 200 mm

>400 mm diameter

Max length 100 mm

Having complete control of the manufacturing process, from PTFE powder to finished part, helps to ensure the highest level of material consistency and quality.  3.1 testing and certification available with all deliveries of Fibracon® PTFE.

Fibracon® PTFE CNC Machined Parts and Applications

Whether you require a PTFE seal profile or complex 5-axis CNC bespoke components, we have the capability to manufacture PTFE parts and components to your requirements. Our highly trained workforce, combined with investment in the latest CNC machining technologies, helps ensure consistent high quality.

PTFE parts to your specification

We manufacture over 6000 different designs each year, from o-ring to piston ring, from seal to bearing, from bush to back-up ring and thousands of bespoke components required by our customers. 

We also offer help with design optimisation for manufacture.  Sometimes the smallest changes to wall thickness or radii can reduce the cost of manufacture dramatically.

PTFE products - examples

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