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Marker Technology
SmartMarker - Authentication and Identification of Materials

SmartMarker: The unique identifier for your product

Imagine being able to unequivocally identify and authenticate your plastic components at any time. This way, you would always be able to determine whether the component is one of yours. How? Using our SmartMarker technology.


What is SmartMarker?

We supply you with a plastic that we have made unmistakably identifiable through the use of tiny marker particles. The markers are invisible and do not affect the technical properties of the material. This way, every component manufactured from this material meets your demanding requirements as always and can be clearly identified and authenticated.


A marker specifically designed for you is inserted into the semi-finished product.
Components machined from the semi-finished product bear unmistakable identifiers inside and can be clearly authenticated or identified


SmartMarker offers you three different applications:

What is the difference between authentication and identification?


Use the marker to prove whether or not a component was manufactured by you. To do so, scan the component at any desired location. If the component contains your marker, you have a proof of origin.

Hand-held detector for authentication
The detector can be used to quickly and easily determine if markers are present

How can the marker be detected?

Special detectors which we tailor to your specific application are used for authentication and identification.



Use the marker to identify that the component is entirely specific in nature. To do so, determine a reference surface on the component whose individual and random particle pattern is assigned to this component as an unmistakable fingerprint. As for a serial number, you can assign product information to this fingerprint.


The square recess is the reference surface,
which is used to detect the particle pattern
The particle pattern of this reference surface is the
fingerprint for the unique identification of your component
The particle samples can be easily stored digitally
and thus assigned to the respective product in the
company's own database and retrieved
at any time

What is tracer-based sorting?

Tracer-based sorting (TBS) is a sorting technology that detects markers in plastics. This opens up entirely new possibilities in the development of recycling cycles. Tracer-based sorting can be used to sort plastic waste for recycling efficiently and reliably. This creates transparency and dedicated take-back cycles can be established with customers.


What can you use marker technology for?

Complaint handling

Defend yourself from unjustified complaints. If you use marker technology to make your components unique, you will always have an incontrovertible argument as to which components came from you.

Counterfeit protection

Protect your proprietary brand components from counterfeiting. Only components manufactured by you will have your unmistakable material identifier, which you can use to effectively enforce your copyright claims against counterfeiters.

Year of production

Use the marker technology to determine your components' year of production. This makes an easy way of settling warranty claims. This is accomplished by using different markers for your products on a rotating basis.

Genuine Parts & Process Safety

Equip your machines with sensors that use marker technology to automatically detect whether your high-quality original components are installed. The electronics will prevent the system from starting up in case of counterfeits.

Further applications

Sorting production waste, reference for a digital twin and material passport, unequivocal allocation of components to a complete product. 


In cooperation with our partner Polysecure GmbH – a leading company for marker technologies – we tailor your marker and the measurement concept precisely to your products.


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