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Training opportunities at Röchling: 

  • Extensive seminar program (2018/2019 and 2019/2020)with numerous training courses for professional and personal development, e.g. “Project Management”, “Intercultural Competence” or “Conflict Management”
  • Target-group-specific seminars, e.g. “Management Seminar for Commercial Managers” or “Conversation with Customers” for sales employees
  • “Röchling Automotive School”: Internal speakers convey specialist technical knowledge to colleagues from the Röchling Automotive division
  • Apprentice training: Apprentices have their own training program, which currently has seven different seminars, e.g. “Rhetoric and Presentation” or “Personality Training”
  • Subject-specific individual and team coaching 

“Röchling is an international company – but every subsidiary is like a family. We know our team really well and can therefore cater very precisely to each individual employee in terms of prospects and training.”

Matteo Piazzi (45), project buyer and trainer at the “Röchling Automotive School”

And find an offer for everyone

Seminars and training measures are discussed individually between the employee and their direct supervisor and agreed according to requirements. There are always new priority topics such as “Röchling English Offensive” or “Globalization and Internationalization.” For new professionals and managers, we also offer the “Introduction to Röchling” seminar series, in which they learn a lot about the background of the company and the material and get to know our strategy and our markets. This also helps them make Group-wide contacts.