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The Röchling Group, which is headquartered in Mannheim, includes a large number of locations in countries all over the world. With a workforce of several thousand employees, we manufacture our products in close proximity to our customers and markets. Our three company divisions, Industrial, Automotive and Medical, generate billions in sales every year on the European, American and Asian continents.

The Medical division offers customers a wide range of high-quality, customized components and assemblies, right through to end-to-end OEM products. The product portfolio also includes standard plastic products, with special expertise in the fields of diagnostics, fluid management, pharma, surgery and interventional, and much more. These areas of competence are complemented by an enhanced range of services for development and regulatory affairs, right through to approval of end-to-end medical products.

Your tasks:

Job requirements:


Trainee must demonstrate the ability to understand and perform the job role as follows:

  • Conduct validation of new products.
  • Create inspection plans.
  • Maintain and updated the QMS system.
  • Serve as Internal Auditors of the QMS.
  • Conduct training and maintain training records.
  • Investigate and resolve customer complaints.
  • Create and follow up with CARs.
  • Be able to collect calibration certificates for reports.
  • Serve as part of the CAPA teams.


Inspection experience and basic blueprint reading skills (e.g. interpret basic symbols and extract dimensions identified on inspection instructions) are preferred, but not required. Experience with product qualification requirements for quality planning within a manufacturing environment.


High school graduate. Minimum of entry-level college reading, writing and math skills required to understand quality system documentation and other supporting forms and procedures. Must have a thorough working knowledge of conversion formulas (metric to inch, Newtons to pounds, etc.) and be able to use them accurately.


Average hand/eye coordination and dexterity are required for the handling and measuring of parts and measuring equipment. Must have good vision or corrective lenses that would enable Inspector to see minor cosmetic differences and defects of the degree required by Röchling’s customer base.

Irene Doerrer
Human Resources
Röchling Medical Rochester
Holleder Technology Park, 999 Ridgeway Ave.
14615 Rochester
United States